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International School of Funabashi

Strategic Manegement Institution


School Entrance from Over Seas

1. Application Requirement

Japanese high school degree or a degree of the same level. Those intending to go to college will need a Japanese high school degree (12 years of course study or 6 forms)

2. Application Acceptance Period

Entrance Period Course Acceptance Period
April 2 years preparatory Sep - Oct
July 1 year 9 months preparatory Dec - Feb
October 1 year 6 months preparatory Mar - Apr
January 1 year 3 months preparatory Jun - July

* Acceptance Period is counted as the time the forms arrive at this school
* Even if you are in the middle of your application, you may be denied if school capacity is exceeded

3. Application Forms

Please present the following forms when applying. They will be processed within three months. Depending on the final evaluation of these you may need to present extra material. If your forms are written in any language OTHER than English or Japanese then please attach a translation of all forms (written in either English or Japanese).

【Forms you will need】

1)School Application (following school's set format, written by applicant)
2)Resume (following school`s set format, written by applicant)
3)Reason for attending school (following school`s set format, written by applicant)
4)Degree/Proof of graduation received from last school (original)
5)Report card received from last school (original)
6)Job history (for those with work experience, clearly state period and type of work performed)
7)Japanese proficiency test results (original) or Japanese study history (state clearly period and hours studied)
8)Six 4cm × 3cm photographs taken within the last six months
9)Copy of passport (personal information page and page with arrival information)

【Finance Related Documents (required)】

Choose A, B or C

A. If payer is outside of Japan

1)Promise to pay (following school's set format, written by payer)
2)Proof of relationship to payer
3)Proof of tax payment (last three years)
4)Proof of bank account balance
5)Copy of bank book (for proof of bank account balance)
6)Proof of income (last three years)
7)Proof of employment (including period and type of employment)

B. If payer is in Japan

1)Promise to pay (following school's set format, written by applicant)
2)Proof of bank account balance
3)Proof of tax payment (city ward office, yearly salary for last three years)
4)Proof of employment (registry transcript for business managers)
5)Proof of relationship (i.e. family register)
6)Proof of residence (alien registration card and proof of personal stamp)

C. If applicant is payer

1)Proof of bank account balance
2)Proof of income (last three years)
3)Proof of tax payment (last three years)
4)Proof of employment

4. School Expenses

*Change concerning applicants from April 2016

Course Application fee Entrance fee Tuition Activity fee Facility fee Total
2 years 20,000 56,000 1,240,000 40,000 40,000 1,396,000
1 year 9 months 20,000 56,000 1,085,000 35,000 35,000 1,231,000
1 year 6 months 20,000 56,000 930,000 30,000 30,000 1,066,000
1 year 3 months 20,000 56,000 775,000 25,000 25,000 901,000

*Above totals are for total said period

5. Admissions Schedule

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